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Our new but already well known tool called Personal Bodygraph Compass is a perfect company for those watching transits and discovering themselves.


Your Personal Bodygraph Compass can be used as your personal navigation ruler. You see your daily connections, educational channels, electromagnetic connections. You can superimpose it over other personal charts drawn on blank bodygraphs in the beginning of the planner. One tool with many functions.

  • Can be used with subsequent editions;
  • Attachable with bookmark ribbon (2 included in the kit)


The kit contains:

  • Your Personal Bodygraph Compass;
  • Two bookmark ribbons (1 blue and 1 red matching the design);
  • Two self-adhesives to attach the ribbons on the first and last pages of the book block (usual application)


We will use your birth data to create your customised bodygraph. Please enter carefully your name and birth data. We will contact you by email to confirm your chart.

We can print your name using your own alphabet or writing system. In this case would you please add the English transcription.

If you want to make your Type, Authority and Incarnation Cross personalized would you please add the text to 'Your Name' section.


Please pay attention to the birth data format. 

The date is entered in European format: DD.MM.YYYY

The time is entered in European 24h format: HH.MM


We added more reference tables but made the book thinner and lighter and still you don't need to purchase new glasses. 

Colorful 13-months edition of your favorite and the only truly HD-oriented Ephemeris/Transit planner to track your conditioning on daily basis without using of computer. You can draw your own chart on every page, you can track your Moon cycle, you can see there Quarters, Godheads, Aminoacids, Incarnation Crosses, the complete Rave I Ching notations—all you need to go through your own process your own way!


432 p., new lay-flat spiral-bound option, soft-touch lamination covers with flaps

Pro-Liner HD 2021 + Personal Bodygraph Compass

5737,00 RUB Regular Price
5434,00 RUBSale Price

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