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This special 'wrap the season' package is a good way to make a gift for one self and to another self too. Special price.


Attention! Due to the nature of production of the compasses we have to accumulate a certain amount of orders before producing them. This means that you may wait quite a long now when the hot season is over. In case of any doubts please contact us before placing your order.


Your Personal Bodygraph Compass can be used as your personal navigation ruler. You see your daily connections, educational channels, electromagnetic connections. You can superimpose it over other personal charts drawn on blank bodygraphs in the beginning of the planner. One tool with many functions.

  • Can be used with later editions;
  • Attachable with bookmark ribbon (included in the kit)


The kit contains:

  1. Two Personal Bodygraph Compasses;
  2. Four bookmark ribbons (2 blue and 2 red matching the design);
  3. Four self-adhesives to attach the ribbons on the first and last pages of the book block (usual application)


We will use your birth data to create your customised bodygraph. Please enter carefully your name and birth data. We will contact you by email to confirm your chart.

We will write you a confirmation email and ask to provide us with the birth data. Please consider to send us pictures of your bodygraphs as a reference and our inner checking.

Personal Bodygraph Compass ‘Take Two’

руб. 1050.00Price

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