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Find your way in the working environment.

Design your career. Design your business

What can I do now without waiting till my deconditioning happens? How can I feed my process and pay my bills at the same time?  


Very simple steps yet not easy ones: 

• Make your working environment work for you

• Make your small team effective and feeding your success

• Make your big team competitive and people oriented

• Discover your healthy and successful leadership 

• Let your partnership work for you

Here is what we offer:

Bussinessman in Modern Office

Your Personal Career Profile

Each individual has a unique blueprint for their material success. As a first step, using comparative analysis, this brief overview identifies whether working alone or with others activates your greatest material potential. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding what environment you are ideally suited to succeed in—solo, partnerships, small business groups (Penta), and/or large corporate groups (OC16) and how best to communicate and make decisions when in these environments. Intended to give you a quick, fresh look at the best direction for you and a sample of how this type of consulting can benefit you, whether you are just starting out as a student or are a seasoned professional looking to improve or change your working situation.

Time format: half an hour minimum. Prerecorded Audio.

Confidentiality, professionalism, honesty. 

Price*:  EUR 65,-

Online sessions and career coaching available by request.

* For young people up to the age of 25: EUR 50,–

Your Personal Career Profile
Public Speaker

Alpha One Analysis™
Where the Career Profile indicates your ideal setting; the Alpha One Profile offers a more extensive personal business profile analysis of the skills, traits and attributes that will support your success.

Time format: 1 hour minimum. In person or online via skype or zoom.

Possible format: Prerecorded Audio.

Price: EUR 300,-

Discover your Alpha Leadership
Business Meeting

Beta Two Analysis™

Analyses the key aspects of any business partnership, shows how 2 specific individuals can cooperate the most efficiently. Who should play which part? Are there potentials for conflict – and how to handle them. Does the partnership lead to additional and new qualities?


Around 46% of people are most effective in a partnership. But what is partnership? A sustainable, functional couple, two individuals perfectly fitting.


If you want to get most from your interaction with your partner hare what we offer:

• Audit of your partnership: Who contributes what?

• Shadow side of your partnership: Where do you lose energy of interaction?

• Coupled Talents: Aspects where your partnership produces 3 (and more) from just 1+1

Format: 2 hours minimum. Personal meeting. Online sessions.

Price: EUR 350,-

Upgrade Your Partnership
busy office

Team Engineering

We use an innovative and effective technique to determine the team's shadows and weak links and treat them according to the nature of its individual members.

A person in the right place. This is our motto. Some people fit in the team. Most of them don't. Being a part of the everyday working flow can be detrimental not only for unfitting individuals but first of all to the team. It causes waste of collective energy making the whole team dysfunctional. We know what to do and how to deal with it. 

We offer a free express analysis of your working team. We need some personal data such as birth date and time. In some countries it can be illegal to collect and transmit the personal data to third parties in personalized form. But this is still possible and legal if we get it in anonymized way. You will get our instructions on dealing with personal data and do not harm the employee's privacy.

Nikita Pankevich

NP Bodygraph

Individual Rave Analysis, BG5 Analyst at HDAustria

Creator of Pro-Liner HD, a Human Design Ephemeris Diary

Nikita Pankevich
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