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Find your way in the working environment.

Design your career. Design your business

What can I do now without waiting till my deconditioning happens? How can I feed my process and pay my bills at the same time?  


Very simple steps yet not easy ones: 

• Make your working environment work for you

• Make your small team effective and feeding your success

• Make your big team competitive and people oriented

• Discover your healthy and successful leadership 

• Let your partnership work for you

Here is what we offer:

Bussinessman in Modern Office

Your Personal Career Profile

Each individual has a unique blueprint for their material success. As a first step, using comparative analysis, this brief overview identifies whether working alone or with others activates your greatest material potential. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding what environment you are ideally suited to succeed in—solo, partnerships, small business groups (Penta), and/or large corporate groups (OC16) and how best to communicate and make decisions when in these environments. Intended to give you a quick, fresh look at the best direction for you and a sample of how this type of consulting can benefit you, whether you are just starting out as a student or are a seasoned professional looking to improve or change your working situation.

Time format: half an hour minimum. Prerecorded Audio.

Confidentiality, professionalism, honesty. 

Price*:  EUR 60,-

Online sessions and career coaching available by request.

* For young people up to the age of 25: EUR 45,–

Your Personal Career Profile
Public Speaker

Alpha One Analysis™
Where the Career Profile indicates your ideal setting; the Alpha One Profile offers a more extensive personal business profile analysis of the skills, traits and attributes that will support your success.

Time format: 1 hour minimum. In person or online via skype or zoom.

Possible format: Prerecorded Audio.

Price: EUR 250,-

Discover your Alpha Leadership
Business Meeting

Beta Two Analysis™

Analyses the key aspects of any business partnership, shows how 2 specific individuals can cooperate the most efficiently. Who should play which part? Are there potentials for conflict – and how to handle them. Does the partnership lead to additional and new qualities?