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Personal bodygraph compass

Next Step towards Transit Awareness

Your Personal Bodygraph Compass can be used as your personal navigation ruler. 

You see your daily connections, educational channels, electromagnetic connections. 

You can superimpose it over other personal charts drawn on blank bodygraphs in the beginning of the planner. 


One tool with many functions. 

• Buy once, use it many years; 

• Attachable with bookmark ribbon (included)


The kit contains: 

a. Your Personal Bodygraph Compass; 

b. Two bookmark ribbons (1 blue and 1 red matching the design); 

c. Two self-adhesives to attach the ribbons on the first and last pages of the book block (usual application) 


We will contact you by email for your birth data to create your chart.

Personal Bodygraph Compass

See Your Self in the Transit Field.

New Navigation Tool  for You

Do you want to have an instant picture of your personal Transit conditioning? To see all the educational channels, electromagnetic connections? See what Centers get defined?

Use our brand new tool—Personal Bodygraph Compass. Use it as your bookmark, have your chart always handy with all the necessary details.


Each Day Everything Changes.
But something remains the same.

The transparent template reminds you of who you really are. Place it on top of the Transit and see your play for today. See also your costume, your part, but see also what isn't yours. What is your true Self and what is not.

You can use it for later editions too

Make it your company.
Have it with your agenda.
Get two bookmarks!

While usual bookmarks are available only with hard cover editions, we asked ourselves Why? 

We need even more: two bookmark ribbons to keep important information handy. 

You get it free only with your Personal Bodygraph Compass.

Attachable with included ribbons

Everything's Gone Green.
We love that tune too.

The Bodygraph you get with your Personal Compass is a special one. All the activated Gates are marked with Golden Yellow. No matter if this comes from your Personality or your Design. This is the way to concentrate more on the connections. The same you see on your usual Connection Charts. 
So the Transit is Blue, your Activation is Golden. What do we get when they match? 

You bet it! 

/ Oh, you've got green eyes / Oh, you've got blue eyes / Oh, you've got grey eyes / Oh, you've got green eyes / Oh, you've got blue eyes / You've got grey eyes/ 

But that's another story…

Everything's Gone Green

You buy it once.
You use it many many times

Well, sometimes using plastic can not be avoided. We don't hate plastic but we do care. At least we'd rather create a multiusage tool which will probably serve you many years. 

Attachable with included ribbons
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