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Discover your true Self.

Recognize, accept, fall in love

Are you ready for new times?

Times of individuality to flourish are times when your true uniqueness responds to life's challenges. Human Design shows us a simple thing yet not an easy one: 


A personal consultation let you see, hear and feel your own authority within.

Times of flourishing individuality are times of admitting that collective decisions do not work for you anymore. All these collective solutions used to provide great results. But look around! Big data is constantly collected because previous collective approach do not work anymore. 'They' are changing the attitude why aren't you?

It's time to treat your self differently. It's time to differentiate your self.

Дизайн человека для человека

Who am I? What support can I find within my self? 

A personal primary consultation gives an answer to that. We call it a Foundation reading.

We speak the same language, we're on the same page with you.

We try not to make an impression casting spells and speaking mystical Human Design formulas. This knowledge is for people, this knowledge is right for you. We have everything handy to explain without going deep to sacral sacred details. 

The consultation is a narrative where you are the core. It tells you about your healthy mode to treat your self:

  • What nurtures me and what depletes me?

  • My mistakes, my challenges, my regrets, my guilt, my losses, my procrastination… what are they for in my life?

  • What is the best way to make decisions for me?

  • How should I live out my life?

All the answers are within they say. Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes to look into this with you.

Time format: 1 hour minimum. Online Skype or Zoom session.

Confidentiality, professionalism, honesty. 

Possible format: Prerecorded Audio.

Price:  EUR 125,-

Консультация по отношениям

Who am I, who are you? Who are we?

Answers can be find through a Relationship Consultation. We call it Composite Reading.

New times require new forms of relationships. Let us see what is relationship for you two, for each of you. This is a unique chance for both of you to see each other without any bias. Understand-forgive-accept and start a completely new stage of your relationship.

This consultation is a narrative of each of you as you are. Our analyst is telling you what you may be never dared to tell. What is important for you, what are your wounds, where your relationship is 'rubbing' too hard, where it is too loose to fit. What are your needs, what gifts can you give to each other and what are your expectations. It's time for a honest conversation.

Time format: 2 hours minimum. Personal or online via skype or zoom.

Possible format: Prerecorded Audio.

Price: EUR 250,-

Парная консультация 4х4

This is our original format which is highly appraised by our clients. 4x4 Consultation combines the strongest point of group environment and support, as well as the accuracy of the individual work.

This is a relationship consultation but an analysts couple is working with your couple. This format is an extended version of a Composite Reading.

Here we have twice as many ways to understand, see and hear each other. Here you can see both versions, a male one and a female one which gives an unprecedented versatility.

Recommended to those willing to go deeper into their relationship. Suitable for all open to see their life from totally new perspective.

Format: 2 hours minimum. Personal meeting.

Price: EUR 300,-

Anna Charykova

AC Bodygraph

Living Your Design Guide, Incarnation Cross Analysis, Individual Rave Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Partnership Analysis, Child Development Analyst.

Translated books on HD.

Anna Charykova

Nikita Pankevich

NP Bodygraph

Individual Rave Analysis, BG5 Analyst at HDAustria

Creator of Pro-Liner HD, a Human Design Ephemeris Diary

Nikita Pankevich
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