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Brand New Daily Transit Planner for Human Design Professionals

Delivery to UK, Ireland is back on! Mailing exchange with some other countries is suspended. Please check on the latest list


Paper edition in German language only
rder here…
Personalized Interactive PDF edition available in
English, German, French, Japanese, Russian
for UTC (GMT), CET, EET and MSK time zones.
You will get a full year guidance starting fro
m any chosen date.


Ilse Sendler 328119_2233489994669_147455

Ilse Sendler

ALL transit info at one glance! exactly what everybody in design needs. now that we have it I am surprised nobody thought about it earlier.

Thank you Nikita and Anna

Tobi Trickett 51854042_10217984087299946

Tobi Trickett

I love my Pro-Liner HD! It’s a beautiful book that’s very well made. The detail is so deep that this will offer me a lot of new things to learn about over time. Customer service was graceful and impressive! I had a special request that was taken care of quickly. Highly recommend!!!

Jonah Dempsy 119827737_10157945058982983

Jonah Dempcy

An invaluable tool for Human Design professionals and students alike!



Get ready to whatever the life brings you. We recreated a good old way to watch the transit.

No more software buttons. No Internet connection needed. No accounts, no payed subscriptions.

Just the touch of paper, a nice pen, two actually; one is black for Personality part of the bodygraph, second is red for the Design part. Draw your bodygraph on top of the transit.


One Page is One Line.

In the Rhythm of Life.

We changed the concept of a planner book.
The Sun is on top of all, the human calendar is secondary.

  • Every Page starts with the Sun.

No more stupid 12PM transits.

The Line starts according to the Global Cycle. So does each page of the Pro-Liner HD.

Below the actual Sun Line you see the exact time in GMT, the Universal time.  In the beginning of the book you will find the time zone correspondence tool.

The civil calendar is still there, you'll find it below—in our unprecedented Planetary TimeLine.


No Planet Change is Missed.

Just Like in Life.

We created unique planet tracking tool which is perfectly designed and very precise and useful. 

On the comprehensive scale you see the date change, hours and when a planet enters to a new gate. So you have an analog feeling of the daily changes.

By the way, the visible Sun movement through the Zodiac is faster in the Winter, slower in the Summer. Almost one hour of difference!

We had to find a solution for this dynamics and discovered the flexible time line.

Some days there are only two Moon changes.

But some are crowded like a funfair came in town.
Here you see two Moon gate changes with Mercury and Venus entering their new gates in between.

No Planet Change is Missed. Just Like in Life.

The Wheel of Life.


Could not get by heart the order of hexagrams?

No need anymore!

The whole year’s cycle is now with you, in front of you, on top of your Pro-Liner HD. You always see where each sixth line is heading to, from where this first line has just came, what will be next. The starting point, which is Gate 41, is highlighted, you can easily find it in the line.

Look our special video where you virtually thumb through the whole year.

Each Line Has a Name.

And Everyday it’s different.

Well, the name is just a name. It does not explain everything and it must not. But it definitely remind you what is the story about. 

Plus you see:

  • The channels of the day if they are composed by today’s transit.

  • The tag with the current month for easier navigation.

Those rounded planet signs​ deserve a special statement below.


More awareness. Wider perspective.

Et Vice Versa, i.e. Retrograde.

We have found that many HD professionals differentiated the retrograde position of planets. Even Moon Nodes turn backwards from time to time. 

We designed special system to mark the celestial body in retrograde motion. So each time a planet gets backward you see that arrowed oval around its sign.

And by the way, we didn't forget that the signs themselves are often confused with each other. So on each left page we put clear abbreviations for reference.

More awareness. Wider the perspective. And Vice Versa, i.e. Retrograde.

See Your Self in the Transit Field.

New Navigation Tool  for You

Do you want to have an instant picture of your personal Transit conditioning? To see all the educational channels, electromagnetic connections? See what Centers get defined?

Use our brand new tool—Personal Bodygraph Compass. Use it as your bookmark, have your chart always handy with all the necessary details.

Read more…

Personal Bodygraph Compass

Attention! Due to the conditions of production we have to accumulate a certain amount of orders before sending them to the supplier. This means that you may wait quite a long now when the hot season is over. In case of any doubts please contact us before placing your order.

Smart Support
the most recent feature
for your convenience

Tired of calculating GMT to your local time zone?

Travelling a lot having jetlags?

But still loyal to your Pro-Liner HD?

Here is the solution. Well an attempt because we are not fully satisfied. But now it works just fine for many of our users. (Beta-testing phase)

If you are familiar with your iPhone or Android Calendar, or using Outlook then you can subscribe to our Transit Calendar for free.

Although we always appreciate any donation which can be made down at the bottom of this page.

To install one of these to your mobile device please copy this link: 

Please try not to click on it but rather select and copy for later pasting. Use the link to subscribe through your favorite calendar application.

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