Personalized* interactive version of Pro-Liner HD. You receive a planner with your connection chart over the transit.

Good for those who prefers the lightness and versatility of a digital file to the weight of a material planner book.

You can open the file virtually on any device, enjoy random access, search function, easy to use Lines and Dates Indexes and still contemplating the beautiful and thoughtful desing of our planner. You still can make your personal notes, mark or highlight words and place bookmarks. You can even print it out in parts or in whole for your personal needs in any size depending on your preferences.

After you make purchase we will start to build your connection chart (with all activations in one color) which fits exactly the transit chart in the planner.

The fiel will be delivered by email (approx. 17MB)

In a few days you will get the complete Personalized Interactive Pro-Liner HD 2021 planner PDF with your chart in it.


* Temporarily the personnal channel option is turned off due to the technical issues we met. It will be re-enabled soon. You can receive the update after the announcement on our FB page

Personalized Interactive PDF

3012,00 RUB Regular Price
2656,00 RUBSale Price
  • In order to make it correctly would you please send us your bodygraph in any picture format to We will use it as a reference to make sure all the data is entered correctly.

    Thank you!


    Um es richtig zu machen, würden Sie uns bitte Ihr Bodygraph in einem beliebigen Bildformat an schicken. Wir werden es als Referenz verwenden, um sicherzustellen, dass alle Daten korrekt eingegeben werden.


    Wir danken Ihnen!!


    Мы просим прислать нам ваш бодиграф в виде картинки любого формата на эл. почту Так мы сможем убедиться, что данные введены правильно и расчёты верны.


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