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Career Profile Overview

Design your career according to who you are

  • 30 min
  • €60 euros
  • Prerecorded Audio

Service Description

Each individual has a unique blueprint for their material success. As a first step, using comparative analysis, this brief overview identifies whether working alone or with others activates your greatest material potential. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding what environment(s) you are ideally suited to succeed in – solo, partnerships, small business groups (Penta), and/or large corporate groups (OC16) and how best to communicate and make decisions when in these environments. Intended to give you a quick, fresh look at the best direction for you and a sample of how this type of consulting can benefit you, whether you are just starting out as a student or are a seasoned professional looking to improve or change your working situation. Ask for 15€ rebate if you are younger than 25

Contact Details

+33 7 80 26 64 30

Château de Kerriou, 29190 Gouézec, France

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